Exeter Scrapstore

Reclaim your creative edge!

Thurs 10am-5pm / Fri 11am-4pm / Sat 10am-1pm

Exeter Scrapstore is a unique arts and craft shop based in Belmont Park.  The Scrapstore contributes positively to the environment by reducing waste send to landfill and by raising awareness of the value of re-use within the community.  It provide a variety of wonderful reclaimed materials from businesses and industries that have chosen to recycle their off-cuts and surplus.  Offering clean, quality scrap to be used in creative activities, including education, play, arts and crafts.


We have a growing selection of craft supplies, haberdashery, bric-a-brac and miscellaneous items which are now available in store and online. We have regular items such as glue, paint, scissors and crayons – sourced as new – as well as an ever-changing variety of high-quality donated items and creative bargains.  Order today and collect in store during open hours.

Our warehouse is an Aladdin’s cave of incredible, colorful and re-useable scrap materials.  Materials have been collected as waste and surplus material from businesses and Exeter Scrapstore diverts them away from landfill.  Scrap is half the price for MEMBERS but anyone can access the store. See T&Cs for more information.

You’ll find reclaimed fabric, surplus cardboard, plastic, netting string and much, much more!

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